The pentatonic scale

I have been dying to add this post to some music-related blog I was to create at some point in the future. Bobby McFerrin is pretty darn good at bridging that all-important gap between the world of musicians and the world of non-musicians. We’re not THAT exclusive of a group, as it turns out!

My militant teacher self makes me want to throw this in the face of every school board that’s ever said cutting a single music program was an okay thing to do. My pacifist self sits back in awe. The giant point is there, staring us in the face: no one ever sat us down as humans and taught us how to do this. This can only mean that there’s something natural to the way humans perceive music. It’s inexplicable – and it’s SUPPOSED to be. It’s the first step towards figuring out how to become an appreciator of art (something that one who is seemingly overwhelmed by art sometimes aspires to be). You are not supposed to feel happy, or mesmerized, or freaked out when viewing an astonishing feat such as this… you’re just supposed to feel.

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