More of me than I’ve had before this weekend…

I know, I know, you’re not sure whether you want to see me play live this weekend. Maybe we bumped into each other at Chipotle a couple weeks ago and you still owe me some money or something. I understand. You can still hear me play, however:

Joanna Priestley is an award-winning indie animator, and recently put together a PSA about recycling plastic, which has a fantastic score composed by my good friend Tom Barber. I’m honored that he asked me to record the violin part for it. The piece is called “Choking Hazard,” and it’s premiering this weekend at the Portland Art Museum, along with four more of her films. It’s now officially in the file of “really neat and fun things I’ve gotten to do in my career.”

However, should you then realize that I’ve probably forgotten about the $2.35 I lent you and you promised to pay back, there are two chances to hear me LIVE, along with a bunch of wonderfully talented, smart, and just all-around good people. This weekend I have the great pleasure of playing with the TARDIS ensemble. There are two chances to hear this first concert of their inaugural season, “Music of the British Isles”:

January 28th, at 7:30pm
Lutheran Redeemer Church in Portland

January 29th, at 3:00pm
United Lutheran Church in Eugene

Hope to see you at a TARDIS show, and perhaps feel your moral support at the premiere!

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