Please take note…

The weird face I am making does not in any way reflect any kind of weirdness I was feeling, because there simply was none. I was just concentrating really hard.

What a fun afternoon! I have been looking forward to coming and playing with the Central Oregon Chamber Orchestra for months now. Playing Vivaldi’s Summer and Winter with this group was immensely fun. They’re a sensitive group, and a very kind bunch, and it made the whole weekend kind of a dream.

Although, the snow helped…

Bend had wonderful snowfall all weekend long. Not the Portland kind of snow, mind you – as soon as an inch falls in this city, the moisture in the air turns it all to ice, the city shuts down, and you have to hunker down and make yourself a tea and Grand Marnier or whatever weird beverage combination happens to be in the house because you ain’t going NOWHERE. No, this snow was snow like I grew up with in Colorado. This snow was like home. There were a good three or four inches on the ground, and Hubster and I got to buzz around town enjoying what we interpreted as a fairyland blizzard. There was no better inspiration for Winter to be found! Our wonderful hosts in Bend happened to have a fantastic view of the storm as well; we didn’t miss our TV set for one instant.

After a smooth rehearsal, I felt as though I was forcing my sound out a bit too much. Perhaps compensating for not knowing the hall just yet, or just wanting people to be kind of impressed with me. So I spent the rest of the evening after the rehearsal relaxing, as well as taking it easy the next morning. We met some friends for coffee, we watched a little football, and got Cafe Yumm to go so that the day felt normal and composed. The dressing room at Bend High was attached to the drama rehearsal room, which meant mirrors everywhere, and I had this kind of life-comes-together moment:

Let me back up a bit…

When I was a senior in high school, [deleted] amount of years ago, I made a firm decision that I was destined for a life in music. I had been playing the violin very seriously up to this point, but I had also been able to blend my love of music with my love of theater. I have had absolutely no regrets about the choice I made to pursue violin over acting – goodness knows, I’m very happy with my life at the moment! – but there’s always been a part of me that’s been curious about what I might have been missing. Am I giving myself enough soul food – or perhaps, enough variety of soul food – to make sure I’m getting all out of my life and my desires that I can?

Seeing myself in the mirror there, all dressed up in my gown, ready to perform, I realized that my eyes were on my violin. When they drifted back up to me again, I was picturing what I would look like on stage playing the violin. The violin was not only the star of the show here, it made me feel 100% like ME. Going on stage with this kind of performance was the best way to follow what I wanted to do, and the best way to be myself.

It was a really great time I had, and with only a few little notes I wish I could have replayed, it was a performance I was very proud of. The whole experience was something I could do again and again. I’m not sure how to make that happen yet – I’m still figuring out this whole self-promotion thing as I go.

For now, I’ve got some great things up on the horizon. Next weekend I’ve got the last two Nutcracker performances with the ballet. I’m going on a brief tour in Coos Bay with the Zephyr Trio at the beginning of January, and will also be putting all of my ducks in a row for a March recital. And as my teaching schedule lightens up for a few weeks, I’ll be spending some real quality time with my cats – time that’s always well spent.

And, of course, I’ll be dreaming of my next big adventure.

Until next time, Bend!

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