Turning 30

A bit of a personal note today…

My lovely and always entertaining colleagues have responded in a couple of ways to the fact that I’m turning thirty today. Mostly it’s the lighthearted response along the lines of “HEEEEY, now you can sign up for the senior discount on stuff!”


But the other response I get (and it’s the one my dad also gave me, so I trust it more) is, “You’re just getting started and it just gets better from here.” While society has been acting like I should be headed into some sort of existential crisis where I sit in my room under the covers listening to Shostakovich and chanting something like, “no way out… no way out…”, I find it hard to be dissatisfied with where my life is right now. And when I think about life in my twenties, I feel as though I accomplished quite a lot:

I was offered positions with eight different orchestras from auditions. (I took many more, but we’ll breeze right past that.)

I performed six solo recitals (not counting the one I’m giving next weekend!), at least as many chamber recitals, and countless orchestra concerts.

I received two degrees in music performance.

What’s perhaps the best accomplishment I can think of, however, is that I went to school for the thing I’m most passionate about, and then figured out how to make a living out of it. I’m very lucky in that respect. I made a deal with myself that I would only try music as long as it worked, and I’m incredibly grateful that as of today, it’s still working.

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