The start of self marketing

At one point in time, you couldn’t have stopped me from blogging furiously. In fact, there exists, somewhere on the web, a collection of my writings that is over a decade old. It’s a good mix of events of the present, hopes for the future, and a good amount of teenage angst. Somewhere along the way, blogging has felt less like a way to express my feelings and more like a chore.

However, it’s come to my attention that blogging about what you know can really help focus your attentions. And I often have plenty of things to say about teaching, performing, and life as a classical musician in general. I come across something every day – EVERY DAY – that helps me move forward in what many might consider an unconventional career, and documenting the journey seems like a good idea.

Plus, owning and maintaining my own website seems like a no brainer when you’re in a business that relies heavily on self-promotion. So here I am, world – hire me!

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